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10 Pictures of a $300 Rental Kitchen Complete Transformation

Apr 2021

Even when you’re renting an apartment or home, you want your living spaces – and especially your kitchen – to be as beautiful as they can be! However, given that you don’t actually own the space, you might be loath to expend a significant amount of money on transforming the space’s look.

That’s why it’s important to remember that sometimes a little bit can go a long way! Take this amazing rental kitchen transformation, for instance! With a budget of only $300, this apartment dweller took a tired kitchen and made it something unique and beautiful to behold! Below, we’re going to explain the different things she did to make this rental kitchen transformation a reality!

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1. The Before

When this renter first took possession of her apartment, this was the tired and old kitchen she was staring down… Woof!

2. Paint it Black

The first big change was giving the cabinets a fresh coat of paint, in this case black. As you can see, this choice adds a sense of modernity to the space.

3. A Subtle Touch

One thing you might not have noticed is how the cabinet trim was lowered. Once you notice it though, you recognize the personalized touch it imparts upon the space.

4. Temporary Flooring

VCT Tiles were used in order to create a checkerboard floor, which perfectly complements the white appliances and black cabinetry.