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10 Pictures of a Bathroom Renovation That Cost Less Than $5000

Dec 2020

When you have a bathroom that looks dingy and tired, it’s awfully hard to feel tired and refreshed when you’re using it. That’s why so many homeowners embark on bathroom renovation projects.

To be sure, given all of the hardware involved, bathroom renovations can quickly get out of hand when it comes to the budget. However, if you’re smart about your materials, labor costs and other considerations, you can usually bring a stunning bathroom renovation in on a reasonable budget.

Below, we’re going to take a look at a bathroom renovation project that was completed on a budget of just under $5,000. It was completed by Meredith Swinehart for Remodelista.

1. The Before: Institutional

The blue tile framed by black would’ve felt modern… About half a century ago!

2. More Before: Gross Shower

While that tile was bad enough in the exterior portion of the bathroom, it’s even worse in the shower.

3. The Final Before: The Real Crime

But, the real crime of this bathroom space isn’t the tile on the walls, it’s this absolutely appalling green flooring.

4. Subway Tile

The use of white subway tile to give the shower much better definition is a wise choice that offers the space a classic look.

5. Slate Tile

That awful floor that you saw earlier was entirely replaced. In its place is this clean and attractive black slate tile. Wonderful!