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10 Pictures of Rental Kitchens that Got Extreme Makeovers

Apr 2021

While homeownership continues to be the dream for many, there are countless people who instead choose to live in urban areas and thus find themselves living the rental lifestyle. In these cases, it may feel like there’s nothing you can do when it comes to interior design. However, it’s possible to make an apartment truly your own – provided you can get approval from the landlord to make a few changes, that is.

Below, we’re going to take a look at five rental kitchens! In the pictures that follow, you’ll see how a few simple changes can yield big results. While you might not be able to conjure the dream kitchen out of thin air, it’s still very possible to give a rental kitchen a makeover that you can be proud of!

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1. Open the Cabinets

In our first rental kitchen example, you can see how choosing to take the cabinet doors off (especially when they’re not much to look at) can yield a look that feels quite modern.

2. A Floor Replacement

Ripping up the floor is going to be too much for most any rental kitchen. However, you can lay down something over an existing floor, like cork tile for example!

3. Cabinets and Paint

This renter also decided to take the cabinet doors off, yielding a more modern look. But the real genius touch here is the new paint scheme.

4. Bonus!

The Boston-area renter who created the above actually did a number of interesting things with the rest of his apartment. You can see it all here!

5. Replacing Hardware

If you don’t want to rip off the cabinet doors, one way you can give your rental kitchen an entirely new look is by replacing the cabinet hardware.