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14 Jaw-Dropping Master Bedroom Before and After Pictures

Jun 2021

It’s often quite surprising that so many homeowners choose to neglect the design of their master bedrooms. Sure, it’s a room in your home that guests will seldom see, but it’s still a place where you’ll ultimately be spending nearly one-third of your days. Given that, why wouldn’t you want your master bedroom to be everything that it can be?

Below, we’re going to take a look at seven absolutely incredible master bedroom redesigns in 14 stunning photographs. In each example, we think you’ll see the full extent of what’s possible when it comes to having a master bedroom that’s a pleasure to occupy. Even better, you’ll get a sense for how often a few subtle changes in color and décor can yield huge results. In addition, you’ll even see how a full redesign, depending upon the circumstances, might be just what the doctor ordered…

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1. BEFORE: Welcome to the Flop House

It’s not just the mattress lying on the floor that makes this master bedroom an eye-sore, it’s the completely dated 70s styling of the room, too!

2. AFTER: Welcome to the Luxury House

Isn’t it amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do? We’re looking at this master bedroom from a different angle, which allows us to appreciate those beautiful new French doors.

3. BEFORE: Bare Bones…

The space of this master bedroom is fine, but it’s completely unadorned, a fact that’s not helped by the generic furniture.

4. AFTER: To a Beautiful Room-Defining Accent Wall

Note that the furniture is still the same in the after photo… But the inclusion of that beautiful accent wall imbues the furniture with a new sense of purpose and life.