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15 Crafty Kitchen Design Ideas

Jun 2021

Having a kitchen design that really stands out isn’t about making sure that you have the latest counters or appliances, it’s about being creative and using what the kitchen gives you to take the design elements to the next level. Great kitchen design is all about having what you create be just as impressive as what its served on.

One of the easiest ways to improve kitchen design is paint and backsplash. Subway tiles provide an excellent relief against the counter, cabinets and walls while a good, bright paint color makes your kitchen feel larger, cleaner, and more welcoming. Window treatments that add to the natural light also are fantastic ways to boost the kitchen design.

These 15 photos show different types of kitchens but what’s unifies is how they all do the little things very well. Use them for inspiration on your next project.

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1. Light, Bright Kitchen

This modern kitchen, with its’ sage backsplash and dark wood accents, makes a clean look that is oh-so-gorgeous. Breakfast anyone?

2. Stunning Modern Kitchen

Check out this open storage kitchen with dark wood accents and modern hardware. The window view from the sink makes washing all those dishes well worth it.

3. Cozy and Functional

This country kitchen is long on storage and beauty. The cozy breakfast nook with window seat makes it so inviting for your guests. Join us for dinner, won’t you?

4. Beautiful with Blue

This light bright kitchen with a blue island shows off your style. Glass front storage and red barstools add to the modern edginess, finished off perfectly with the beautiful pendant lighting.

5. Cheery Kitchen

This kitchen, with dark wood floors, large island, and beautiful pendant lighting is sure to get you excited about cooking. Finished off with a sink with a view, this space has it all.