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15 Eye-Catching Master Bedroom Accent Walls

Jun 2021

The master bedroom in your home is your sanctuary. It’s the one place in the world, where you can close the door and truly be alone and relax. Because of this, you want to make sure that your master bedroom is as beautiful as it can be!

One way that you can really reinvent the design of your master bedroom and make it into something extraordinary is to include an accent wall. It seems a simple thing, but you might find yourself surprised at how big of an effect an eye-catching accent wall can have.

In the 15 examples that follow, we’re going to share some master bedrooms with accent walls that will blow your mind. By the end, we think you’ll understand why we almost always recommend including an exciting accent wall in any master bedroom’s design. Let’s take a look!

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1. Rustic Charm

Check out how the distressed look of the accent wall behind the bed in this master bedroom adds a sense of rustic charm.

2. The Dark Wall

When you want to make a statement in a contemporary home or apartment with your master bedroom, a dark accent wall can do wonders!

3. Pulling Things Together

Here, you’ve got a gorgeous orange accent wall that adds brightness to the space. Note how it’s tied together with other design elements in the room.

4. Luxurious Padding

If you’ve got a large master bedroom and you want to do something that feels luxurious, consider including a full padded accent wall.

5. Calm Simplicity

For those looking to create a calm feel in their master bedrooms, this example that features a soothing green accent wall should provide ample inspiration.