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15 Gorgeous Kitchen Islands

Jun 2021

No matter what kind of kitchen you’re talking about, there’s one design element that’s always going to improve the form and function of a space: a center island. When you include an island as part of your kitchen’s design, you’re simultaneously extending the available space for both work and entertaining, all while including an element that can beautify the space.

In the 15 examples that follow, we’re going to take a look at 15 gorgeous kitchen islands. From those that subtly accentuate the overall design of the spaces that they occupy to those that make bold aesthetic statements, we’ve got everything covered. We’ve even included a few surprises that just might inspire you to do something totally original for a kitchen island of your own. Let’s take a look…

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1. Two Purposes

This kitchen island does a great job of pulling double duty. There’s an elevated wooden surface for guests to gather around, and there’s bare countertop for workspace.

2. Making a Bold Statement

The exterior parts of this kitchen adopt a classic and conservative look, while the center island, with bold wood hues and color, makes an eye-catching statement.

3. The Wood Countertop

In a kitchen that features marble countertops for the main working areas, a wood countertop on the center island can be just the thing to add needed spark to the design.

4. Squaring the Circle

Note how the countertop for this gorgeous kitchen island features square edges, which are in contrast to the countertops above and below the cabinets.

5. A Soothing Blue

The dark and eye-catching blue of the center island in this kitchen helps to create an inviting sense that’s sure to appeal to guest during periods of entertaining.