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15 Kid-Friendly Family Room Design Ideas

Dec 2020

Immediately when people hear the phrase “kid-friendly” they start thinking that the design is going to be cheap or impractical. The reality is just because something is kid friendly doesn’t mean that it lacks elegance. In fact, when decorating a family room, you can have some amazing pieces that are also kid-friendly – after all, it is a family room!

There are several different ways you can accomplish marriage of elegance with kid-friendly. If the family room has built-in bookshelves, this is a great way to store items, along with books, that adds to the character of the room while not being an item a kid could use as a tree. There are also other pieces such as end tables and plush chairs and sofas that lend themselves to a kid’s usage while a parent appreciates the aesthetics.

The kid-friendly family room starts with these 15 photos. Check them out and see how you can turn your family room into the kids’ favorite room.

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1. Wallpaper Whimsy

Bright colors and cheerful wallpaper insets make this family room a cheerful hangout for the whole family.

2. Black and White

Pure striking contrast catches the eye instantly with these ultra-modern wingback chairs.

3. End Table Perfection

Diminutive yet decorative tables can take the place of the usual coffee table in small spaces.

4. Entertaining Magic

This family room’s magnificent built-in bar will keep guests talking for weeks!

5. Scenic Overlook

A spectacular view and comfy window seats make this living space one you will never want to leave.