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15 Master Bathrooms with Dual Vanities

Apr 2021

If you ask most homeowners, they’re likely to tell you that there’s no such thing as a master bathroom with too much space. Master bathrooms just seem to be one of those places in a home where more is almost always better! As such, there are many homeowners whose master bathroom designs are always inclusive of a double vanity.

A double vanity need not be as simple as a long counter with two sinks, though. There’s actually a lot more that can be done with a double vanity, both to increase the functionality of your master bathroom and also to increase its aesthetic value. With this in mind, we’re going to take a look at 15 master bathrooms with dual vanities, giving you an idea of what’s possible in the process…

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1. The Split Vanity

Rather than running the vanity all together, this master bathroom divides its one. In the middle you’ll find a deliciously modern and inviting tub.

2. Twin Basins

In order to achieve it’s decidedly contemporary look, this master bathroom uses a dual vanity that features two beautiful white porcelain basin sinks.

3. His and Hers

Lets face it; with a dual vanity “her stuff” is likely to dominate the countertop. Why not create two completely separate spaces like this, then?

4. Grab a Seat

If you have the space to allow for it, a dual vanity that provides a place to sit in the middle can be a real convenience.

5. Shelving Underneath

When storage becomes a bit of an issue in your master bathroom, a dual vanity with a storage shelf underneath can be just the thing you need!