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15 Pictures of an Amazing $200 Kitchen Remodel

Apr 2021

When you’ve got a kitchen in your home that feels tired and old, you can often feel daunted by the amount of money you’ll need to spend in order to give it an update. However, before you start hoarding money, hoping one day to hit the magic number, take note: It’s entirely possible to give your whole kitchen a new (and functional) look for pennies on your imagined remodeling budget’s dollar.

Take this kitchen for example. It has a look that’s decidedly 60s and is in dire need of an update. You might think that giving it a new look would cost thousands of dollars, but the reality is otherwise. For a budget of only around $200, Mysa Home Styling completely transformed the space. How did they do it? Let’s take a look…

1. The Before

There can be no denying that the styling of this 60s kitchen leads to a space that feels dark and closed in.

2. Getting Started

In giving this space the new, fresh look that it needs, the first step was pulling off the wall cabinets.

3. Fixing Things Up

Those wall cabinets were not coming back (as they made the space feel closed in), and so the walls needed to be tidied up!

4. Wallpapering

To add some brightness to the space, a charming and simple-patterned wallpaper was added where the cabinets used to be.

5. Shelving

Instead of having the wall cabinets reinstalled, these homeowners decided to install open shelving instead.