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15 Stunningly Designed Family Rooms

Jun 2021

Many people look at the big rooms like the living room and the kitchen as the place to focus their design energies. This is not the best application, because there are several rooms that could also use your talents. One of these rooms is the family room.

When you think of stunning design, the family isn’t normally first. However, simply things like putting up the right window treatments that frame the view or obtaining the right pieces of furniture goes a long way towards making the family room shine. Perhaps the best example of these types of design elements are built-in bookshelves, they provide an excellent place for books and other memorabilia.

The list of 15 photos below is a great place to get started with building an amazing family room, check out these fantastic ideas.

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1. Musical

This beautiful piano is certainly the focal point of this room. Plenty of space to gather round for some sing- a-longs.

2. Artsy

This room has the look of an artist, don’t you think? From the abstract painting to the accessories, it’s so creative.

3.Light & Bright

Pops of yellow in the shelving bring this office type room to life. Plenty of room for work or relaxation.

4. Blonde Beauty

All the blonde wood in this family room really opens up the space. Big windows and sheer curtains keep the theme.

5. Rustic Retreat

This living space, with its’ wildlife influence and natural elements makes for a rustic space for those relaxing days.