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15 Stylish Family Room Design Ideas

Jun 2021

Every room in the house has its specific purpose. Understanding these purposes and then designing the room so that it effectively reflects this purpose is critical to having a house with great ideas. However, some ideas work even though they don’t seem like it, for example, the stylish family room.

The décor of a family room can absolutely be stylish. For example, a family room with French doors leading to a patio is quite elegant – and kids love the idea of going outside. Another elegant favorite is dark wood, besides being stylish it doesn’t show stray crayon as quickly as other surfaces.

Creating the stylish yet functional family room starts with being inspired by these 15 photos. Use them to create the family room of your dreams.

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1. Outdoor Delight

This family room opens all the way up to the outdoor deck for lots of fun and room to spare. Relax in the living area, dine in the moonlight, dance on the deck. This space has it all.

2. Clean and Cozy

This family room is tucked into the upstairs space and feels so cozy. Light carpet keeps a small space open, sliding wood doors allow for privacy.

3. Earthy Living

This family room has such an earthy feel, with the tan walls and carpet. Dark wood continues that theme throughout. Relax with a book or quiet conversation.

4. Log Cabin Luxury

This family room feels like you’re out in the woods, but with all the comforts of home. Fireplace, plenty of room to relax, and all that wood that makes it feel so cozy.

5. Forest Feel

With that stone wall and green chairs, this family room feels like nature came indoors. Fireplace with wood storage, woven baskets and river rock bring it all home.