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16 Bedroom Design Trends for 2020 and 4 on the Way Out

Jun 2021

Here’s a simple thought experiment. Think about your home, and then think about which one of the rooms you spend the most time in… There’s really only one answer here. It’s your bedroom, of course! In fact, provided you’re getting your requisite eight hours of sleep every night, you’re literally spending at least one-third of your life inside of your bedroom… And that’s only if you only spend time in your bedroom while sleeping.

Given the amount of time you spend in the bedroom, shouldn’t it be a space that’s every bit as beautiful as it can be? The answer is decidedly yes, and that’s exactly why we’ve chosen to take a look at the biggest trends in bedroom design for 2019. Simply put, if you know that your bedroom is in dire need of some upgrading, then these are the various design trends from which you’ll want to draw inspiration…
And to make sure you’re on the right track when it comes to bedroom design, we’re also going to share 4 trends that are on their way out. In the end, this list of trends should put most any homeowner in good stead when it comes to devising a beautiful bedroom design that makes your house feel like a home. Let’s take a look…

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1. The Smart Bedroom

Technology is everywhere you turn these days, which is why homeowners are now installing personal assistant devices like Amazon’s Alexa in their bedrooms.

2. Sitting Areas

In 2019, the bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep. It’s also a place to sit, relax and enjoy a good book over a cup of tea.

3. Reclaimed Wood

In terms of materials, you’re seeing reclaimed wood being used in a big way inside of bedrooms in 2019.

4. End-of-Bed Bench

One thing that improves the functionality of most any bedroom is a bench at the foot of the bed, one of the big trends for bedroom design in 2019.

5. Heading Out: Light Blue Color Scheme

Light blue has long been a go-to color scheme for bedrooms. But, that’s starting to look boring and old to most…