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17 Bathroom Trends for 2020 and 3 on the Way Out

Dec 2020

With 2019 already well underway, you’re likely starting to think about all the things that you’d like to accomplish. Without a doubt, one of those things has to be giving some of the spaces in your home the upgrades that they’ve so badly been needing. And if there’s one place in the home that most homeowners want to give a fresh look, it’s definitely the bathrooms.

Given their utilitarian function, we often don’t spend much time thinking about bathroom design. However, when you consider how the look of your bathroom can really set the tone for your life… Well, the idea of having a bathroom that looks every bit as good as it can really begins to make sense!

For this reason, we thought it would be fun to take a look at 17 bathroom trends that are coming into the fore in 2019. Simply put, if you’re looking for ways to give your home’s bathrooms the upgrades they’ve so desperately needed, then these are the trends to look at. Likewise, we’re also going to share 3 trends that have been standard in recent years that are decidedly on their way out in this new year…

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1. Inventive Storage Solutions

You can never have enough storage in your bathroom, which is why people are discovering new and inventive ways of creating storage space in there!

2. HEADING OUT: Open Shelving

Still, you’re definitely seeing a movement away from open shelving. Seeing all those towels and toiletries makes things feel too oppressive.

3. High Tech Toilets

Everything else in our lives is getting more technologically advanced, so why shouldn’t our toilets follow suit?

4. Bidets

If you don’t want to get a fancy 21st century toilet, you can follow the trend of more homeowners installing bidets.

5. HEADING OUT: Shower Tub Combos

It used to seem like an efficient use of space, but nowadays a shower and tub combination just feels a little tacky.