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20 Amazing Family Room Design Ideas

Oct 2020

When a house is built and a family moves in there is a natural tendency for everyone to gravitate to a shared space. This shared space, the family room, works best with a cohesive design paired with an understanding of the different needs of your family.

Family rooms are the center of fun in a household, so this space should be inviting and warm. The right ideas include having warm colors but if you have big windows then the smart designer in you would exploit the beauty of those windows to maximum effect. Fortunately, we have 20 ideas for you that ensure your family room will be a fun, safe environment that will create lasting memories.

Check out the design ideas and see what you can incorporate into your family room!

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1. Sunny Days

Splashes of bright and cheerful hues warm this family room with pops of vivid color.

2. Polished Flooring

For an oversized family room, choose a polished laminate flooring for a look that is easy to clean yet still modern and updated.

3. Nautical Getaway

A peaceful nautical theme makes this country family room a relaxing place for reading by the fireside.

4. A Blue Hue

Simple yet striking, a vivid blue feature wall keeps this family room’s décor modern yet minimalist.

5. Soft Shag

Add cozy comfort to a room with a thick, luxurious shag rug.