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20 Amazing Rooms with Tray Ceilings

Dec 2020

When you’re thinking about interior design, you’re often thinking about what’s on the floor and what’s on the walls. This, of course, makes sense, as these are the places to which your eyes will be most immediately drawn. However, you can’t just stop there! In terms of designing living spaces within your home that are every bit as beautiful as they can be, you’ve also go to think about your ceilings.

This is particularly true of homes with high ceilings and those with open-concepts, but it’s really true of any home you can think of. Now, if you’ve been thinking that you can get more mileage out of your home’s design through your ceilings, then you may be wondering about what possibilities exist with tray ceilings.

If this is the case, then we’ve got you covered. In the 20 examples that follow, we’re going to take a look at 20 amazing rooms that feature tray ceilings. In each, you’ll see how this style of ceiling is deployed to different effect, but always to the betterment of a home’s living spaces. In the end, after seeing what we’ve collected, you might very well decide the tray ceilings are exactly what you’ve been missing in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even bathroom! Let’s take a look.

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1. Crown Molding

Here, the crown molding used in the tray ceiling definitely contributes to this bedroom’s classic look.

2. LED Lights

Going a different direction, this room’s tray ceiling uses purple LED lights to create a more modern look.

3. Recessed Lights

To accentuate the effect of the tray ceiling here, recessed lights are included around the periphery of this room.

4. Different Shades

When looking to draw attention to the dimension that tray ceilings afford in home design, use different colors.

5. Kitchen

Note how the unique tray ceiling in the kitchen here helps to really separate the spaces of this open-concept home.