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20 Beautiful and Functional Mudroom Designs

Apr 2021

If there’s one thing you want in your home if you’re raising a family, it’s definitely a mudroom. This is especially true if you’ve spent a lot of time and money making the other rooms in your home as beautiful as possible. You can’t have those kids of yours traipsing about, leaving their belongings and worse all around the home.

But, a mudroom is more than just a practical place to leave your belongings. It can actually be a beautiful space all to itself, particularly if you design the mudroom in such a way as to increase its functionality.

For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some absolutely beautiful and functional mudroom designs. In the 20 examples that follow, we think you’ll see the true extent of what’s possible. In fact, it’s quite likely that you’re about to find some incredible inspiration for a wonderful mudroom design of your own. So, check these examples out, and see what appeals to you most!

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1. Double Duty

Space limited in your home? Well, you can always design a mudroom that pulls double duty, as this one does.

2. Gorgeous Lockers

You’ve got to love these gorgeous lockers in this mudroom, as well as the window into the main living areas.

3. Frontier Style

If you’re looking for a mudroom design with a rustic style, then you’ll love this one that feature frontier-style flourishes.

4. Benches and Sinks

The benches here are absolutely gorgeous, but it’s the inclusion of a farmhouse sink that’s so eminently practical.

5. Clean and Simple

Sometimes with a mudroom design it’s best to adopt the philosophy that simpler equals better.