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20 Beautifully Designed Master Bedrooms

Dec 2020

Take a moment, and think about the different living spaces within your home. Now, ask yourself this question. Of all of those living spaces, which one do you spend the most time in? At first, this might seem like something of a trick question, but the answer is obvious. Provided you’re getting your requisite 8 hours of sleep every night, the living space in which you’re spending the most time is undoubtedly your master bedroom!

Needless to say, this makes the design of your master bedroom one of the most important aspects of the design of your home overall. That said, it’s sometimes startling to discover the number of homeowners who give their bedrooms short shrift.

If you count yourself among the ranks of those who haven’t put too much effort into their master bedroom design, then read on! On the list that follows, we’re going to share 20 beautifully designed master bedrooms. In each, you should be able to find plenty of inspiration for making your master bedroom as beautiful as it can be. In turn, you’ll find that you’re able to lead a much happier and healthier life; that’s how important master bedroom design really is!

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1. Grey Scale

Complete with the beautiful stone accent wall behind the bed, this master bedroom’s grey color scheme is exquisite!

2. Beaming

This wonderful master bedroom proves that sometimes you need to think about what’s going on with your ceiling in order to get the right look.

3. Splash of Color

This contemporary master bedroom goes for the grey contemporary look, with a wonderful piece of wall art providing a great splash of color.

4. Subdued Blue

When you’re trying to go for a classic and subdued aesthetic, a light blue like this combined with white can work wonders.

5. Farmhouse Doors

The farmhouse doors that separate this master bedroom from the en-suite bathroom are such a smart choice!