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20 Breathtaking Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas

Jun 2021

With a great living room you can always host on a moment’s notice. The great thing about hosting is exposing your friends and family to your design ideas. Many times, people will find inspiration from your living room and apply your ideas to their home.

For a living room, it’s important that you focus on keeping things the way you’d prefer. Some people enjoy the stripped-down minimalist version of a living room while others prefer a more ornate look. The key is making sure you have the right pieces to fit your vision.

Designing a living room that is warm and inviting is always fun. Check out these 20 different living rooms, you will surely find some things that can easily translate to your space.

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1. Keeping it Simple

At its core, a living room is essentially a space for relaxation, quiet contemplation, and for lounging around.

2. I’m Seeing a Pattern Here

Bands of different patterns and colors are great for creating a lively and expressive living room design.

3. Gallery

As the room in the house for entertaining guests, living rooms are often used as a space to display artworks and various conversation pieces.

4. Contrast

As with any interior design piece, contrasts in living rooms are vastly important. Mix up pop-colored furniture pieces with more bare, rustic finishes and see some magic happen.

5. Great Views

Floor to ceiling picture windows are great with houses blessed with amazing vistas such as this one.