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20 Classically Designed Kitchens

Jul 2020

You know why they’re called the classics? Because time and again, they work. No matter the year, the classics always resonate, and this is true with kitchen design. No kitchen has ever been criticized for sticking to the classics of design.

The critical elements of classic kitchen design derive from neutral colors. These are your whites and off-whites. In a classic kitchen, you won’t see bold colors, the idea is for the kitchen to be the backdrop to what’s created in the kitchen.

Creating your own classical kitchen is actually fairly straightforward, however you can incorporate several design elements that you see on this list of 20 kitchens.

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1. Working in the Kitchen

There are a variety of things to do in the old kitchen aside from cooking or the dishes. You can also check e-mails or browse the net for new recipe ideas.

2. Linear

Long kitchen islands need to have adequate lighting. Linear hanging lights or chandeliers can do the job quite effectively.

3. White and Wood

Dark, rich, grainy wood textures are great partners to solid white surfaces in kitchens.

4. Frame It Up

Floor to ceiling columns are great ways to frame the breakfast bar or kitchen island.

5. The Right Equipment

Kitchen appliances are what make a kitchen functional. Pick out ones that go well with the aesthetic that you’re going for.