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20 Gorgeous Backsplash Ideas

May 2021

When it comes to interior design, many homeowners choose to only focus on the big things. No doubt, the major design choices that you make around your home are going to go a long way toward determining what kind of look and style you achieve. However, as important as the big things are, sometimes it’s the small stuff that really sets the mood for your living spaces.

Take a kitchen, for example. Obviously, you’re going to think an awful lot about your cabinetry and countertops. But, there’s another thing to include that’s definitely going to establish the feel for the space that you’re looking to create: the backsplash. It’s a small thing, but the importance of a backsplash in your kitchen’s design is of paramount importance!

And, backsplash aren’t just things that you’ll find in a kitchen. In fact, you’ll find them in pretty much any place where countertops are used. For example, one might find them in a wet bar or in the bathroom.

The point is this: having beautiful backsplash in your home can really go a long way toward determining the style. So, check out these 20 gorgeous backsplash ideas that we’ve pulled together, and find some inspiration for the backsplash that you should incorporate into your home’s living spaces.

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1. White on White

To really get that luxurious look in a kitchen design with your backsplash, consider pairing white with white.

2. Grey Subway Tile

Alternatively, to add some dimension to such a kitchen, you could go with something like the grey subway tile you see here.

3. Bracing Brick

The same kind of principle is at play here, however you’ll note the texture added by the use of brick for the backsplash.

4. Wooden Love

The wood backsplash used as part of this wonderful kitchen’s design really plays up the rustic charm.

5. Basket Weave

Speaking of rustic charm, using something like this – which features a basket weave pattern – could work wonders in such a kitchen.