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20 Home Exterior Ideas with Loads of Curb Appeal

Sep 2020

In terms of home design, most people are going to spend their time thinking about what’s inside. This, of course, makes perfect sense! You want your home to be as visually pleasing as possible, while also a comfortable and inviting space to inhabit. But, any homeowner cannot solely think about what’s inside. One must also think about a home’s exterior and how it looks from the street.

Now, you might think that this is just something to consider when it comes time to sell. Sure enough, your home’s curb appeal will have a big effect on the final selling price. However, the way your home looks on the outside is just as important even if you have no intention of selling… Ever! That’s because the way your home looks on the outside is going to go a long way toward determining how you feel about it when you’re inside.

So, do you think your home’s exterior could use some work! If so, check out this incredible list that we’ve pulled together. On it, you’ll find 20 home exteriors that are chock full of inspirational ideas. Any one of them could help you to get the curb appeal for your home that you just know has been lacking…

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1. Looking Up

The lookout atop of this farmhouse style home is definitely something that attracts attention from the road.

2. The Right Walkway

The sweeping walkway lined with flowers in front of this home is the perfect way to invite the eye.

3. Simple Black Door

With so much going on elsewhere on this home’s exterior, the simple black front door is the perfect choice.

4. Accent Colors

For this Victorian home’s exterior, note how the accent colors really accentuate the visual lines.

5. Like Materials

Tying to aspects of a home’s exterior together through the use of like materials can really be a smart move.