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20 Perfect Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Mar 2021

Making the most out of your home’s outdoor living space is something that’s vitally important. This is especially true during the warmer months, as being able to sit outside on your own property is one of the singular joys of home ownership. As such, there are many different things one can do to make one’s outdoor living spaces as enjoyable as possible. Without a doubt, one of those things is installing a gorgeous fire pit.

During the summer months, fire pits are a perfect place to gather under the stars with friends and family after a long day of fun and grilling. But, there usefulness extends beyond those months. In fact, one might say that a fire pit extends the usefulness of your outdoor living spaces, as they give you a place to stay warm once the weather turns colder during the autumn months.

But, you probably don’t need convincing about a fire pit. You already know what fun they are, and you want to install one in your backyard. Therefore, check out the 20 perfect backyard fire pit ideas that we’ve pulled together below. There plenty inspirational!

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1. Working With Gas

When you’re using a gas-operated fire pit, you can do some truly unique things; like this one, which is set into a bench.

2. Next to the Pool

Are you the kind of person that favors a nighttime dip? Then you’ll love having a fire pit right next to the pool.

3. The Next Level

We’ve seen some large fire pits in our day, but this one definitely takes the cake! It’s like sitting next to a volcano!

4. Sunken In

Right next to the water with a sunken-in fire pit like this. Can you think of a more ideal spot?

5. A Simple Circle

If you’re interest is solely in creating space to gather with family and friends, then something like this might be all that you need!