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20 Stunning Large Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Dec 2020

There’s nothing quite like having a big, beautiful master bedroom to return to every night after a long day at work… But, if there’s one thing that takes that experience and takes it to the next level, it’s having a large master bathroom that you can use every night and every morning – or whenever you really want to, for that matter.

When size isn’t at a premium for your master bathroom, there are so many different things you can do! You can really take something as utilitarian as a bathroom and make it into something that’s a joy of a living space all to itself.

Not entirely sure what we’re talking about? Well, you’re going to see just what we’re talking about in the list that follows. That’s because we’ve collected 20 stunning large master bathroom designs for you to take a look at!

As you’ll see, each of these master bathroom designs manages to do something that’s totally unique and totally cool. In fact, some of these master bathrooms don’t feel like master bathrooms at all; they feel like spas!

Sound appealing? Well, you know what to do! Check out the list that follows, and start drawing some inspiration and design ideas for a large master bathroom of your own.

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1. Contemporary Mid-Century

You’ve got to love this floating vanity setup that has a deliciously contemporary and Mid-Century vibe to it.

2. Black Floors

The black and austere floors in this large master bathroom are the perfect complement to the pedestal sinks.

3. Corner Shower

Forget about getting that corner office, because you can have a spacious corner walk-in shower like this one!

4. Corner Tub

Or, if you’d prefer, you can always opt for the corner tub, which is absolutely perfect for soaking.

5. Big Walk-In

Having a big walk-in shower like this is a luxury that you’re sure to appreciate in your large master bathroom.