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20 Stunning Small Kitchen Designs

May 2021

When it comes to home design, people tend to think that the bigger things are, the better they are. Sure enough, it’s always a joy to have large living spaces wherein you can really stretch out. But the reality is that we often can’t have as much space in our homes as we might like. This is particularly true when one turns his or her attention toward spaces like kitchens.

But, here’s the thing. Just because a kitchen may be small in terms of floor space, that doesn’t mean it has to be small in terms of style! In fact, when you have a smaller kitchen, you actually have more options when it comes to creating a kitchen that’s as beautiful as it can be! (After all, you’ll ultimately be spending less on big-ticket items like cabinetry and countertops!)

On the list below, we’re going to share 20 absolutely stunning small kitchen designs. Running the gamut in terms of design style, we think you’ll agree that each of these kitchens is absolutely big when it comes to looks! So, if you’ve got a small kitchen that needs a fresh coat of paint, read on. Check out these inspirational and stunning small kitchen designs.

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1. The Smart L

When you’ve got limited space to work with in an open-concept home, a simple L-shaped kitchen like this can work wonders.

2. Clean and Tidy

Even though it’s small, you’ve got to love the luxurious feel of this clean and tidy all-white kitchen design.

3. Still Entertaining

A layout like this within a smaller home can provide you a functional kitchen space that also offers the chance for entertaining.

4. Smart Storage

The small exposed shelves next to the kitchen in this small kitchen are such a smart design choice.

5. Materials Add Spark

We love the excellent use of rich wood surfaces in this small kitchen; they make the space feel so much grander.