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4 Pictures of an Amazing Half Bathroom Makeover

Apr 2021

While a half bathroom may not be the main event in your home, it’s important that it look every bit as good as the other living spaces. In the following four pictures, you’ll see how a couple of Manhattan apartment dwellers gave their half bathroom a beautiful makeover! If you’ve got a half bath that needs a new look, then you’ll find plenty of inspiration below!

1. The Before

What apartment dweller hasn’t seen these tired old tiles before? And we’re not just talking about the ones on the floor!

2. The After

As you can see, the tired old tiles have been done away with. On the floor, there are now some beautiful (and small) aqua-marine tiles that feel instantly more inviting!

3. A Closer Look

A smart bit of coordination here is the inclusion of this piece of wall art above the toilet. It totally complements the color scheme of this half bathroom!

4. Check This Out

What really does remake this space, though, is changing out the square pedestal sink for a rounded one. It adds warmth to the space while also making it feel less closed in.