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7 Before and After Kitchens

Oct 2020

If there’s one home improvement project that most others and we can’t get enough of, it’s kitchen renovations. There’s just something about picking the right cabinets, the right countertops and the right color scheme that makes kitchen renovation projects so exciting. It’s no wonder then that most people get the most excited about showing off their recently renovated kitchens to friends, families and guests.

If you’ve been looking at your kitchen and thinking about giving it an update, then you need some inspiration. That’s why we’ve collected these 14 kitchen before-and-after photographs. In the following examples, you’ll see just how far a renovation budget can go, and maybe you’ll strike upon a design concept (big or small) that can help to give your kitchen the fresh look that it so desperately needs.

1. BEFORE: An 80’s Closet Kitchen

It’s hard to tell which is worse about this kitchen. Is it the size of it, or is it the fact that the styling is totally stuck in the 80’s?

2. AFTER: Problem Solved with Modernity

Both of those problems were solved through the remodel, which knocked down a wall and created an open concept. The real highlight here, though, is the contemporary flair of the design.

3. BEFORE: One Foot in the Grave

When these homeowners purchased their latest home, they new that they were in for some major projects…

4. AFTER: Unique, Inviting and Functional

With the barebones that they had, the homeowners made something extraordinary! What’s great here is the raw wood of the center island, which mirrors the hood above the range.