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7 Before and After Living Rooms

Mar 2021

As the literal center of a home, it’s important that a living room be everything that it can be. Still, whether through lack of budget, neglect or other reasons, many homes’ living rooms find themselves in a sorry state.

If you’ve been feeling a little bit down about your living room and know that it’s time for something new, then maybe you just need the spark of inspiration. That’s why we’ve collected the 14 pictures that follow. In them, you’ll see seven living rooms before and after renovations.

From living rooms that get big mileage out of small changes to those that were completely reimagined, it’s all here. At the end of these 14 pictures, we think you’ll see what possibilities await when it comes to living room renovations. In the end, that might just be the small spark you need to embark on a living room makeover project of your own!

1. BEFORE: The Darkness Surrounds Us

This Mid-Century living room certainly has potential, and whatever remodel takes place must attempt to create light and a sense of openness.

2. AFTER: Let There Be Light!

This remodel brightens up the space thanks to a light color scheme and a completely new flooring system.

3. BEFORE: An Odd Space

There’s no denying that the shape of this living room, with its angled entranceway, is quite odd. Odd spaces require unique design touches!

4. AFTER: Odd Choices Make Right

Rather than trying to hide the living room’s odd shape, the use of wall art in the entranceway turns the oddness into an asset.