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Best Induction Cookware Reviews for 2020 – Our Picks for the 3 Best

Jun 2021


Through our own testing and by surveying reviews of induction cookware, we’ve arrived at what we believe are the best choices in three separate categories. Understanding that induction cookware can be a significant investment, we first turned our attention to the best budget-priced set that offers the best value for someone who isn’t looking to break the bank. Next, we decided on a set that offers the best overall value. Finally, we identified what is, without a doubt, the best set of induction cookware that money can buy. Simply put, if you’re looking to purchase a set of cookware that will work best with your induction cooktop, then check out the induction cookware reviews we’ve put together…

Why You Should Trust Us


Even if you’re opting for a budget set of induction cookware to get started with your new range, one thing is clear. Purchasing a cookware set is a noteworthy and significant purchase. Because of this, we fully understand that in choosing the right cookware set for your needs, you want the most solid advice possible. You want the comfort of knowing that your money has been well spent and that you’ll have a set of pots and pans that can serve you well for many years to come. For this reason, we left no stone unturned when it came to judging and comparing induction cookware sets, testing various sets ourselves while also surveying review put together by home cooks and experts alike.

How We Judged Induction Cookware Reviews


When surveying induction cookware reviews and conducting our own tests, there were a number of different factors that we took into account. To be sure, the most important aspect of any cookware set is how well you can cook with it, but there are other things one should consider too. In making our assessment, these are the different factors that we took into account:

  • Aesthetic: Sure, you want cookware that cooks well; but you also want cookware that looks good too! In making our picks, we paid attention to the aesthetic quality of the many sets that we tested.
  • Heat Distribution: The ultimate measure of how well any given set of cookware can do its job is how well it can evenly distribute heat. Simply put, you want cookware that provides an evenly heated surface with no hot and cold spots.
  • The Feel: The enjoyment of cooking isn’t all about the end product; it’s also about the culinary journey. Because of this, you want induction cookware that feels good in the hands.
  • Durability: Any set of cookware is going to be a significant investment, even if you’re buying a budget-priced set. Because of this, we paid attention to how well different induction cookware sets would hold up to repeated use.
  • Cleaning: In order for your cookware set to last, though, you’ve got to be able to keep it clean. In comparing induction cookware sets, we assessed how easy it is to keep things clean, judging everything from how well pots and pans resist food build up to whether or not a given set is dishwasher safe.
  • Value: Sets come in a variety of different sizes and can include a number of different things. This makes judging one set against another somewhat subjective, but we did our best to assess the relative ‘value’ of any given set.

Overall, these are the major factors that we took into account when making our picks for the best induction cookware sets. Of course, we didn’t just rely on our own judgment. We also paid attention to the number of reviews for induction cookware sets that are out there. Ultimately, we gave due deference to the opinions of countless home cooks and professionals who make use of these induction cookware sets each and every day.

Our Pick for the Best Budget Induction Cookware Set

a-survey-of-induction-cookware-reviews-3#1 Circulon Symmetry Chocolate Hard-Anodized Nonstick 11-Piece Cookware Set

With an MSRP $299.99, there’s no doubting that the Circulon Symmetry Chocolate Hard-Anodized Nonstick 11-Piece Cookware Set is one of the most affordable sets of induction cookware on the market today. Best of all, reviews of this induction cookware set suggest that it’s also one that offers the most value, containing all of the pieces one needs to fully outfit a kitchen.

To get started, let’s talk about the various induction cookware pieces that are included as a part of this set. It includes:

  • 2-Quart Saucepan with Lid
  • 3-Quart Saucepan with Lid
  • 8-Quart Stockpot with Lid
  • 5-Inch Skillet
  • 10-Inch Skillet
  • 3-Quart Suaté Pan with Lid
  • 1-Quart Saucepan with Spout


The last piece in this set definitely warrants a note. The edge of the 1-quart saucepan includes a tapered spout, which definitely comes in handy when you’re cooking a delicious dish that needs a unique sauce added at just the right moment.

To be sure, the set isn’t necessarily the best looking one that we tested. While the chocolate finish on the pots and pans might appeal to some, there’s no doubt that this color choice might clash with other cookware choices you’ve made in your kitchen. However, if you can look past the way these pots and pans look, you’ll find a set of induction cookware that performs quite nicely.


The thing that will instantly appeal to you when using this set are the handles on the pots and pans. They’re generously sized, fitting comfortably in the hand. Because of this, you’ll find that cooking with this induction cookware set can really be a joy. Best of all, the pots and pans have a solid feeling to them, thanks to the hard-anodized aluminum, which not only allows for this cookware to be used with an induction range, it also provides a level of solid construction that you’d expect from a more expensive cookware set.

Now, while we’d normally recommend a stainless steel cookware set for an induction cooktop, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you how well these non-stick pots and pans performed. No matter what we tried to cook on their surfaces, we found that heat distribution was incredibly even and that the pots and pans performed almost as well as stainless-steel cookware sets that are more than twice the price of this set.


You likely know that metal utensils are generally not supposed to be used with non-stick cookware surfaces. However, these pots and pans can definitely withstand the abrasion of metal utensils, meaning you’ll get much more mileage out of this set than you would with another cheaper non-stick induction cookware set. However, we do need to mention that this cookware set is not broadly oven-safe. While you can warm up dishes on these pots and pans, you’ll need to make sure that the temperature of your oven doesn’t exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to cleaning, though, you’ll really appreciate the quality of the non-stick cooking surface. It features technology from DuPont and has been rated to be entirely dishwasher safe. While it’s always best to clean a set of cookware like this by hand, you’ll find that washing these pots and pans in your dishwasher is totally fine!

Now, you don’t just need to take our word for it when it comes to this great budget induction cookware set. Check out some other reviews of this induction cookware set that really tell the story:

  • Cookware Reviews: “Customers have really put this set to the test including washing the pieces in the dishwasher, using metal utensils while cooking and using on a variety of cook tops including induction and glass tops. In every case, the cookware held up and still looked and functioned like new.”
  • Kitchen Cookware Reviews: “Worth its value. It is ideal for induction cooktops, where choice at any reasonable price is limited.”

If you think that this non-stick induction cookware set might work well for your needs, then simply head over to Amazon, where you can pick up this set for only $299.15.

Our Pick for the Best Overall Induction Cookware Set

a-survey-of-induction-cookware-reviews-4#1 Viking 3-Ply Silver 10-Piece Cookware Set

In grading different sets of induction cookware, we ultimately settled upon the Viking 3-Ply Silver 10-Piece Cookware Set as the best overall value. In arriving at this decision, we also considered a number of similar sets from luxury brands like All-Clad. However, the number of pieces included in this set along with the quality of those pieces is what ultimately led to us settling upon this as our pick for the best overall induction cookware set.

There’s a lot to love about this set, including its price. Although the MSRP is currently at $799.99 (which is much cheaper than similar luxury induction cookware sets with this many pieces), you’ll have no problem finding this set on discount. In fact, Amazon is currently selling this incredible set of induction cookware for a great low price.

In this set, you’ll find every piece that you could possibly need in order to have a fully outfitted kitchen. The Viking 3-Ply Silver 10-Piece Cookware Set incudes:

  • An 8-Inch Fry Pan
  • A 10-Inch Fry Pan
  • 4-Quart Sauté Pan with Lid
  • 2-Quart Saucepan with Lid
  • 3-Quart Saucepan with Lid
  • 8-Quart Stockpot


The 3-Ply construction of the cookware allows for even distribution of heat, especially on induction cooktops. In addition, the pots and pans are made with 18/10 stainless steel, which is the industry standard for top-quality induction cookware.

Where this induction cookware set really shines, though, is in the way that it looks and feels. As you can see, the pieces are all handsome and hefty, featuring large Viking logos that instantly signal their level of luxury. In addition, you’ll find that the riveted handles are comfortable in the hand due to their ergonomic design. In addition, the handles do not conduct heat, ensuring that you’ll never burn your hands while you’re in deep and cooking a gourmet meal!

Unlike our budget pick, you’ll find that the pieces in this stainless-steel induction cookware set are able to stand up to heat. In fact, you can use these pieces with your oven’s broiler if you want, as they’re rated to withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.


Keeping this wonderful set of Viking induction cookware clean is a breeze, too. The cooking surfaces are incredibly resistant to build-up of cooked-on bits of food and cooking oils, meaning that cleaning the pots and pans by hand is a breeze. Best yet, though, the whole set is dishwasher safe, meaning you can take things incredibly easy when it comes to cleaning if you so choose.

In short, this set of induction cookware is incredibly durable, capable of high-quality cooking and looks handsome. When you make the investment, you’ll never have to worry about this set either. Like other high-priced sets of induction cookware, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Should anything unfortunate befall this set, you’re only a phone call away from Viking’s stellar customer service to get things rectified.


But, you don’t just have to take our word for it regarding this amazing induction cookware set. Check out what other reviewers have had to say:

  • Good Housekeeping: “Go ahead and pan fry to your heart’s content with the Viking Professional Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware — you won’t have to worry that splatters will turn into hard-to-clean stains.”
  • Two Kitchen Junkies: “This set is truly a showstopper. Each piece is constructed of surgical grade stainless steel, features ergonomically designed handles, and proudly wears the Viking emblem.”

If you think that this set of Viking induction cookware will be perfect for your needs, simply pop over to Amazon and grab the set. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with your purchase for many years to come.

Our Pick for the Best Upgrade Induction Cookware Set

a-survey-of-induction-cookware-reviews-5#1 All-Clad Silver Copper-Core 5-Ply Bonded 14-Piece Cookware Set

When it comes to cookware, there’s one brand that’s respected above all others, and that’s All-Clad. It should be no surprise then that in our survey of induction cookware reviews (and in our own testing) we’ve arrived at the All-Clad Silver Copper-Core 5-Ply Bonded 14-Piece Cookware Set as the best upgrade pick on the market today.

To be sure, purchasing this incredible 14-piece set of induction cookware is a significant investment; the MSRP is $1,999.99, although the typical discount from online retailers like Amazon brings the price down quite a bit. However, the investment is one that will repay you entirely, as this cookware is solid enough to withstand even the heaviest use. Further, it’s backed up by a lifetime warranty, meaning that if anything were to go wrong with this induction cookware, you’d always be able to secure a replacement from All-Clad’s absolutely amazing customer service.

This set really stands out, though, in the way that it will be able to meet all of your cooking needs. Simply put, you won’t find yourself lacking for anything when you have this complete set of high-quality induction cookware. The set includes:

  • 10-Inch Fry Pan
  • 12-Inch Fry Pan
  • 2-Quart Sauce Pan with Lid
  • 3-Quart Sauce Pan with Lid
  • 3-Quart Sauté Pan with Lid
  • 6-Quart Sauté Pan with Lid
  • 12-Inch Chef’s Pan with Lid
  • 8-Quart Stockpot with Lid


The 5-ply design of this cookware set ensures the absolute even distribution of heat. It also means that this set of cookware has been specifically designed for optimal use with induction cooktops. The outer surfaces of the cookware are made from 18/10 stainless steel – the industry standard – while the interior core consists of two layers of aluminum wrapped around copper.

As you can readily see, this set of induction cookware is absolutely beautiful, featuring tapered edges that allow for easy pouring. In addition, the handles are ample and comfortable in the hand, ensuring that it’s easy to pick up and move these relatively heavy pieces of cookware. Even better, the handles are designed to wick off heat, meaning you’ll never have to worry about burning your hands should you pick up a piece of this cookware from the stove.


With a luxury set of induction cookware like this, your preference should definitely be for hand washing in order to keep your pots and pans clean. However, if you prefer to use a dishwasher in order to keep your cookware clean, then you’ll find that these pieces can be washed in this manner. Further, like our best overall pick, this set of cookware is oven-ready, able to withstand up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in your broiler.


You likely already know that All-Clad is the best that the cookware industry has to offer. But if you want to know more about this specific set, then just check out these glowing reviews:

  • Induction Cooktop Reviews: “On the basis of food taste, color and flavor, the All-Clad copper core is the best induction cookware I have ever tried.”
  • The Induction Site: “If your idea of cookery is centered on microwaves and Hamburger Helper, you don’t need or want All-Clad; if you take cooking in the least seriously, then consider that you’re buying cookware that you can, with only modest care, pass down to your descendants.”

If you think you’re ready to make the investment, and you want the best induction cookware that money can buy, then simply pop over to Amazon to make the purchase!