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Best Leather Cleaners For Furniture – 2020 Reviews

Jun 2021

Leather cleaning is laborious enough to keep us from doing it. In fact, if you don’t have the right resources, you would prefer wearing a stained jacket rather. If your pets ruin your carpet every now and then and you ought to do nothing about it, it is time to take control. Thanks to the best leather cleaners for furniture that we have on show today, you can get rid of almost any type of stains and dirt off your leather items with ease.

Not only cleaning, but leather cleaners also preserve the leather items for a long time. They ensure softness and the actual form of leather by oil restoration keeping your carpets, car seats, and bags from scorching sunlight and other sources of stains. All you need is the best leather cleaner and a piece of microfiber cloth. Within an hour, your leather items will be as good as new.

At a Glance: Our Choices for the Best Leather Cleaners for Furniture

If you’re looking for a high-quality cleaner that can work with most leather and vinyl surfaces then you might want to try Leather Milk Natural Leather Cleaner. It is a bit expensive but the results worth the money.

A leather cleaning kit is also a good option. Not just cleaning but it will also help you to recondition your leather fiber to give it a new look. Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner, therefore becomes a really good option because of its results as well as price.

If it is just about cleaning cheap and rigorous items, you may not need a conditioner. Also, if you want to cut down on cleaner cost, Mr. Leather – Leather Cleaner may just be your type of product. It is the cheapest leather cleaner in our line-up but the results are comparable to any other.

Another leather cleaning kit joins our list of best leather cleaner and this one comes from Lexol. The Lexol Leather Cleaner is a complete solution for your in-house and out-of-house applications. It features a conditioner, cleaner as well as a micro-fabric cleaning cloth.

TriNova comes from the mid-range of cleaners on this list. It’s a one-off product so if you have conditioners and cleaning cloth already, you can make an economical choice by purchasing this product. As far as the results are concerned, TriNova has an average of a 4.4-star rating from more than 1000 reviews.

2020’s Reviews for Best Leather Cleaners for Furniture

#1 Leather Milk Natural Leather Cleaner Liniment No. 1

Leather Milk Natural Leather Cleaner Liniment No. 1

Saddleback Leather Company was the original maker of this amazing leather cleaner. It is a perfect caretaker of your leather goods as it fights tough and stubborn stains while gently caressing the surface with its water based, milky solution.

Along with cleaning, the leather surfaces also get proper nourishment as well as strength. It is a completely natural ingredient product that can clean almost any type of leather surface. This is why, it can clean leather bags, carpets, apparel, furniture and what not.

Unlike other cleaning agents which can leave an unpleasant smell after cleaning, the milky formula has an almond essence to rejuvenate the atmosphere and spread natural leather fragrance. Leather Milk Natural Liniment No. 1 has been one of the best leather cleaners for furniture on Amazon having close to a thousand five-star review. Simple operation, best results – a perfect combination for commercial and domestic applications.


  • Refreshing and soothing fragrance.
  • Soft and smooth finish, if used with a proper applicator.
  • All natural ingredients.


  • Can strip color dye off leather.

#2 Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner

Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner

This is a complete cleaning kit for leather and vinyl surfaces. The leather cleaner first wipes off all the dirt and stains and then you can condition the surface bringing back its original flare and looks. The formula is designed with a balanced pH to ensure quick and easy cleaning.

The deep cleaning action takes the liquid right down to the pores effectively removing tough oils, grease, and odor from car seats and furniture.

Simply spray the liquid and wipe off all the dirt. It takes care of the leather fiber preserving its shine and finish. Not only will it clean your leather goods but also make it more durable thanks to its professional conditioning cream. Innovative formula also keeps oils and grease from attaching to the leather fiber.


  • Deep cleaning action.
  • Quick and lasting results.
  • Can work in tough and difficult to reach places such as under the car seats.
  • Complete cleaning kit so you don’t have to buy individual conditioners and wiping cloths.
  • Leaves soothing leather smell after cleaning.
  • Preserves leather and gives it a fresh look.


  • Might remove dye which can decolor the leather items.

#3 Mr. Leather – Leather Conditioner One Step Liquid Spray

Mr. Leather – Leather Conditioner One Step Liquid Spray

Spray bottles are life savers. They keep you from liquid spills and save more cleaning agent. The Leather conditioner from Mr. Leather is one such example. If you are in a hurry to a party and want to clean up your bag or jacket, Mr. Leather has got your covered. It is an instant shine and protector for any type and color of leather.

No laborious buffing or rubbing required. Just gently wipe off the cleaning agent and it will take away all the stains. Its moisturizing formula also preserves leather from drying and cracking so your leather items will remain fresh as new.

One of the plus points in this cleaner is its advanced formula which got it wide acceptance from the users. The formula ensures that there is no oil or greasy residue on the surface. The new formula also brought about a new fragrance with it.

Easy to operate and one solution for all your needs, Mr. Leather – Leather Cleaner can spray it off in a jiffy.


  • Doesn’t leave any greasy residue.
  • Removes ink marks from walls.
  • Leaves a refreshing scent after cleaning.
  • Offers great price value.


  • May cause occasional fading.
  • Conditioner is not available.

#4 Lexol Leather Care Kit

Lexol Leather Care Kit

This leather cleaner is specially designed for normal leather surfaces. It has the ability to rinse off dirt and stains quickly. It comes in the form of a spray bottle so you don’t need to measure the liquid in a cap and worry about spilling either.

The chemical formula has been carefully designed so that your leather items never fade, crack or dry up. It has got boosters that strengthen the leather material and also help it to maintain its shine and gloss. It features DH-60 UV sunscreen as well so you can take your bag out in the sun without worrying about fading.

You also get Lexol premium sponges with this leather kit. These sponges are specifically designed to clean vinyl and leather surfaces. Spray, wipe and rinse-off – your products will appear as if they have just come out of the showroom.


  • Can remove sticky substance off the leather.
  • Gives a smooth, natural finish to the surface.
  • Easy spray action operation.
  • Can be used for any type of Vinyl and Leather surface.


  • It has to rinsed off so there will be extra drying time required.
  • May turn a matte surface into a shiny one.

#5 TriNova Conditioner and Cleaner

TriNova Conditioner and Cleaner

Last but not the least, TriNova Conditioner and Cleaner is one of the best leather cleaners for furniture going around right now. Its eco-friendly formula, free from vinyl, plastic and leather, makes it a useful commodity for applications in and out of your house. The pH-balanced formula ensures deep cleaning of dirt and stains without requiring you to rinse off the liquid.

It restores essential leather oils bringing back the natural shine and softness to your leather items. Quick drying and no-greasy residue the is another big plus in this product. A microfiber cloth and a bottle of Leather Nova Conditioner and Cleaner will do the job for you.

Having more than 900 5-star reviews on Amazon, this leather cleaner is clearly a favorite among users. No wonder it has been one of the best sellers at Amazon among leather products.


  • Deep penetration action removes oil and grease from pores.
  • Leaves a soft and smooth texture after cleaning.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Small investment to clean expensive furniture and clothing.


  • Can cause discoloration.
  • May cause stripping of dye.

The Benefits of Leather Cleaners

Leather products are expensive and require a different kind of protection and care than any other type of material if you want them to last longer. This is where leather cleaners and conditioners come handy.  Here are few reasons why using leather cleaners can be beneficial and a smart investment for you.

Increased Durability

Even though leather is one of the most durable materials out there, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to take proper care of your leather products. When a good quality leather jacket, trousers, or handbags can last for decades, they can become dull and lose their appeal if not taken care of. With leather cleaners, you can even use leather garments for 50 years.

The question is, can you keep the leather products in their premium condition even after decades? Yes, you can but only if you are using the best leather cleaners for furniture and conditioners. These products allow your leather garments to withstand the test of time, as you can present the same to your children if they can look as new as the first day they were bought.

Similarly, the weather seating in our cars and leather sofas in our living rooms are more prone to wearing out sooner if not taken care of properly. If they become dull, they will not leave a good impression on your visitors but with use of leather cleaners, you can keep them new even after decades.

Avoid Expensive Professional Leather Cleaners

Before these modern leather cleaners and conditioners, people tend to go to expensive professional leather cleaners who used the same products for cleaning. Now, with the easy availability of such products online and on e-commerce stores like Amazon, you can easily get one and save a good amount of money by doing it yourself.

The process is also very simple – all you need is a clean piece of soft and moist cloth, apply a small amount of cleaner liquid and wipe down the leather garment. If you have a spray product, just spray on the garment and wipe it clean with a soft piece of cloth.

A good practice is to let the leather garment or sofa to air dry. Make sure to keep the leather in the shade and avoid direct sunlight when the cleaner is applied on the surface. Sunlight can crack the leather open.

Cleaners with Conditioners: What they do?

There are plenty of cleaners available that comes with a cleaner and conditioner, or the liquid formula works as both detergent and conditioner. This is an added advantage as it helps in deep cleaning.

The modern formulas, many natural, have ingredients and chemicals that can penetrate deep into the leather without damaging it. This way, they can remove the dirt and grime on the leather product hidden deep inside. Formulas with conditioners are best suited for car seats and sofas, where germs and deep bacteria in the corners can create threats to the health of adults and children in the home.

The living room leather furniture and car seats are often dirt and grime magnets, due to their regular use and composition of their material. Fortunately, conditioner can completely wipe out dust and grime if applied properly.

Not only that cleaner and conditioner clean deep, they also preserve the comfort and smoothness of leather. If you use soap or other detergents on leather products, it may look worn or cracked in few months. If you don’t maintain it properly, it will also become stiff and rigid. But with leather cleaner and conditioners, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

The best way to preserve the natural condition of leather products is the gentle application of these modern cleaners and conditioners. In fact, some of these products have boosters that can even strengthen leather adding more years to its life and slowing the aging process. These formulas help bind the leather together which makes them stronger while maintaining the same comfort and smoothness.

Most of these cleaners are made of natural ingredients or stuff that cleans quickly but do not hurt the composition of the materials. These smart new liquid cleaners know your leather, keep them preserved and add new life to them.

How Often Should We Use Leather Cleaners?

Buying leather cleaner does not mean applying it on your leather seats and garments every other day. According to experts, unless there is an urgent need to clean a spill or dirt, using these cleaners once a year is more than enough to keep your leather products shine.

It is also better to look into ingredients and to buy those products like listed in our article that are made of natural ingredients or harmless chemicals. Some low-quality products that promise quick results can remove the stains or dirt but they can also damage the leather in long run.


Leather cleaners offer tons of benefits but cost very little. Most of the products listed in our article are not more than $20, which means, taking care of your expensive leather products is not a very expensive thing.

With multiple products, kits, and sprays available in the market, you can also choose one based on your convenience. If you want a quick solution, a spray is a good option, but if you want a more detailed care of leather products, buying a bottle and a kit is much more preferable.