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The 20 Most Beautiful Master Bathrooms of 2020

Apr 2021

To put it bluntly, we’ve taken a look at a lot of master bathrooms in the past year! From ones featuring rustic design elements to those that are totally modern, we’ve seen a lot of master bathrooms that get design right. In looking at all of these bathrooms, though, we’ve definitely grown an attachment to a few designs. These ones just manage to do something that caused us to sit up and take notice, and we think that you’ll like them a lot too.

That’s why we’ve put this list together. On it, you’re going to see 20 absolutely gorgeous master bathrooms, which are our picks for the best of 2019. Regardless of what kind of bathroom style you prefer, what color schemes you like, and things of that nature, there’s something for everyone to love in each of the bathrooms that we’ve selected. So, if you’ve been dreaming about giving your master bathroom an update or just have a thing for checking out the finer things in life, read on. Let’s take a look at these simply sensational master bathrooms!

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1. Beneath a Window

Sitting next to the glass-enclosed walk-in shower, the tub here is able to enjoy tremendous views out of the picture window.

2. Unique Shapes

Why go for the same-old boxy walk-in shower when you can give yourself more space to spread out and let the warm water wash over you?

3. Step Right Up

In this contemporary master bathroom, we really liked how the shower was put up above everything by a few small steps. Totally cool!

4. Gorgeous Tile Work

What really made this bathroom stand out to us was the gorgeous tile work of the massive walk-in shower.